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Last Updated 2019/Feb/14

2019 Activities

  • Airventure 2019 (July 22-29, Wittman Field, Oshkosh Wisconsin)
  • Updates to follow


2018/Sep/04 - Would You Like To Join Us?

2018/Jul/23 through 2-18/Jul/28 – EAA Airventure, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, WI (KOSH)

Another exciting Airventure! Pleasure talking with you all there.


Special offer for the month of July!

2018/Jul/o1 – Rockliffe Flying Club Breakfast (CYRO).

A great at the Rockliffe Fly-In breakfast. The lots of activities at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, stuff for the kids, biplane rides by Ottawa Biplane Tours, educational presentation by our local EAA Chapter. A good time was had by all. See the pictures of the event on the MW Flyers Page.

Next stop, Oshkosh. See you there.


2018/Jun/03 – Smith Falls Ontario (CYSH), Fly-In Breakfast

A great morning at the Smith Falls Fly-In Breakfast. Thanks to all the hard working volunteers who make this event possible.

Checkout the MW Flyers Page


2018/Mar/13 – 2018 Sun n Fun

Below, from left to right:

Richard Kacsmarek (Fast Little Airplanes) and Michael Bergen (Custom Tech), advanced composites workshop

Our Friends at Zenith Aircraft (stay tuned for our B25G / CH750 engine demonstrator)

Sport Performance Aviation Panther.


2018/Feb/11 – 2018 MW Fly International Competition!


For any builders out there looking for a little competitive fun,  MW Fly Aeropower is offering you a chance to win a free engine. Have a look at the attached link. Perhaps we will see your project at an upcoming show.


Anyone interested in exploring the idea should contact me via email at “”







2017/Sep/10 – Brockville (CNL3), Fly-In Breakfast

Here is nice article from the local town newspaper about the fly-in breakfast we attended on the weekend.

July 24th through 30th 2017 – Airventure 2017

Have a look at our Facebook page. This was our first long trip with our engine demonstrator and it performed beautifully.

2017/May/27 – EAA Chapter Visits

If your EAA Chapter would like to see our engines in person, let us know. We will see what we can do to arrange a visit to your local chapter.

2017/May/27 – Takeoff and Fly-Past in “The City of Milan”

2017/May/14 – Final Preparations

Getting “The City of Milan” ready for the big show at Oshkosh

2017/April/25 – Zenith CH750 Engine Demonstrator

Have a look. Our next engine demonstrator is coming together nicely. This one will be powered by the 150 hp, MW Fly B25R. It is a great kit and an excellent fit for the engine. Very exciting.

2017/Feb/14 – MW Fly Breaking News – ASTM Compliance! 

After more than two years of testing, MWFLY is pleased to announce that our B22 and B25 engine series are compliant with ASTM F2339-06. For further information check the website at

2016/May/ 19 – EAA Chapter 245

MW Fly presentation to EAA Chapter 245 at the National Air and Space Museum in Ottawa

2017 Apr 25 – First Flight Modified-Sonex / B22d 100 Hp

April 22, 23 and 24 2015 – Dealer Training

First dealer training session held in North America over this past weekend.

2016/Feb/02 – Chris has completed the installation of the B22d our engine demonstrator.

2015/Sep/18 – MW Fly B25L flying in Bushcaddy R80

Marin Streeter, MW Fly dealer for the Pacific Northwest is now flying his R80 Bushcaddy with the 130 hp MW Fly B22L

2015/Aug/29 – MW Fly North America at Ottawa / Carp Airport Family Day

Chris and Lance were out at the Carp Airport family day, introducing the local community to our engines. That’s Chris in the white shirt.

2015/Aug/25 – First start, B25l, 130 hp on Bushcaddy R-80

This is the first engine start for Marin Streeter, our dealer in the United States, Pacific Northwest. Well done Marin.

2015/July/15 – Installation of B22d, 100 hp on our factory demonstrator is underway

Sorry we missed you all at Airventure 2015… but we were busy.

2015/Feb/13 – First US Dealership

MW Fly North America welcomes our first US Dealership. A big welcome to Marin Streeter, President, “Aviation MW Power LLC”.

2015/Feb/06 -Airventure 2014 Interview with Dan Johnson on MWFly engines

Airventure 2014

With our friends from SKT Helicopters.