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Last Updated 2017/Nov/09

 2107/Nov/9 – Special Offer for Rans Aircraft Builders

Hello Everyone,

As we at MW Fly introduce more engines to North America, a common sticking point with builders is the additional effort associated with being the first installation on a specific airframe. The additional work and cost associated with modifying a cowling and an engine mount are often enough to turn a potential builder away, even when they love our engine. We recognize that the first installation is always more challenging, considering the modifications to engine mounts and cowlings, etc.

If you think you might be one of those builders interested in having the first Rans aircraft powered by an MW Fly engine, we would love to talk with you. From our part, we would be willing to extend to the first builder an extremely competitive price on one of our engines. We can also help with respect to the engine mount and cowling.

Anyone interested in exploring the idea should contact me via email at “”



2017/Sep/23 – Upcoming Pembroke (CYTA), 150th Anniversary Fly-In

Hope to see you there.


2017/Sep/10 – Brockville (CNL3), Fly-In Breakfast

Here is nice article from the local town newspaper about the fly-in breakfast we attended on the weekend.

2017/Aug/08 – Airventure 2017

Have a look at our facebook page. This was our first long trip with our engine demonstrator and it performed beautifully.

MW Fly Aeropower – Journey to Oshkosh


2017/Jul/8 – Oshkosh 2017 Flight

Almost ready. Our engine demonstrator along with Brian’s Grob “support vehicle” in the background.



July 24th through 30th 2017 – Airventure 2017

We look forward to seeing you all again this coming year. Find us and “The City of Milan” at booth 651!




Where is “The City of Milan”?

If you your EAA Chapter would like to see our engines in person, let us know. We will see what we can do to arrange a visit to your local chapter.

2017/May/27 – Takeoff and Fly-Past in “The City of Milan”


2017/May/14 – Getting “The City of Milan” ready for the big show at Oshkosh

2017/April/25 – Zenith CH750 Engine Demonstrator

Have a look. Our next engine demonstrator is coming together nicely. This one will be powered by the 150 hp, MW Fly B25R. It is a great kit and an excellent fit for the engine. Very exciting.




2017/Feb/14 – MW Fly Breaking News – ASTM Compliance! 

After more than two years of testing, MWFLY is pleased to announce that our B22 and B25 engine series are compliant with ASTM F2339-06. Check the website for further details.

For further information check the website at

2016/May/ 19 – EAA Chapter 245

MW Fly presentation to EAA Chapter 245 at the National Air and Space Museum in Ottawa


2016/April/25 – First Flight of “The City of Milan”. Watch it on Facebook.

Today was the first flight of our engine demonstrator. All went well. You can find us on facebook at the link below.


April 22, 23 and 24 2015 – First dealer training session held in North America.




2016/Feb/28 – Marin Streeter with his Bushcaddy R80. MW Fly B22d installed. 135 hp.






2016/Feb/02 – Chris has completed the installation of the B22d our engine demonstrator.

Engine Installed

2015/Nov/27 – Marin Streeter in Bushcaddy R80 and MW Fly B22d

  • Looking good Marin!



2015/Sep/18 – MW Fly B22L flying in Bushcaddy R80

  • Marin Streeter, MW Fly dealer for the Pacific Northwest is now flying his R80 Bushcaddy with the 130 hp MW Fly B22L


2015/Aug/29 – MW Fly North America at Ottawa / Carp Airport Family Day

  • Chris, Mark and Lance were out at the Carp Airport family day, introducing the local community to our engines. That’s Chris in the white shirt.

MW Fly at Carp Airport Family Day Aug 29 2015

2015/Aug/25 – First start, B25l, 130 hp on Bushcaddy R-80.

  • This is the first engine start for Marin Streeter, our dealer in the United States, Pacific Northwest. Well done Marin.




2015/July/15 – Installation of B22d, 100 hp on our factory demonstrator is underway

  • Sorry we missed Airventure this year… but we were busy.



2015/Jul/11 – First B25L in North America




2015/Feb/13 – First US Dealership

  • MW Fly North America welcomes our first US Dealership. Welcome “Aviation MW Power LLC”.

2015/Feb/06 -Airventure 2014 Interview with Dan Johnson on MWFly engines

 EAA Airventure 2014

  • MW Fly – North America was at the EAA Airventure this year with our engine demonstrator, a vintage Wittman Tailwind equipped with the B22R engine of 130 hp.









 Oshkosh 2014 2