Welcome all "MW Flyers"!

This is a new addition to our website. Here we can share personal stories of people flying behind our engines. As some of you may know, my wife Chantal has decided to learn to fly. The aircraft is a Sonex, modified with an MW Fly B22d engine of 106 hp. You can follow her adventures below. On a different note, another exciting project is coming together in our hangar in Carp, Ontario. Our Technical Specialist, Chris Adams is working on our next engine demonstrator, a joint project with Zenair. The aircraft will be a Zenith CH750, using a B25G-155 engine. Engine mounts and cowlings will be available from Zenair shortly. Associated firewall forward accessories will be available from us here at MW Fly Sales and Services North America. Follow Chris' progress here and on our Facebook page. ... and finally, you can keep track of our flying adventures in our modified, B22d powered Sonex, the "City of Milan".
After some delays over the summer, we are moving along on our next engine demonstrator, a Zenith CH750/MW MW Fly B25G-155. You can track Chris's progress on this exciting project here and on facebook. Engine mounts are available now from our friends at Zenair. Cowlings to follow.
Coming Soon!